Most Dangerous Kids In The World


We had an opportunity to hear many cases of a psychopathic killer doing monstrous things to his victims. However, an even worse case might be a child killer, simply because nobody expects that from children. The following children went down to history as the most dangerous kids who showed aggressive and psychopathic behavior at the very young age:

Top 10 Dangerous Kids:

10Eric Smith

January 22, 1980

When he was 13, Eric Smith was bullied by other children because of his appearance that included thick glasses, red hair, and freckles and ears of peculiar shape. That his mother used to take during her pregnancy, as an epilepsy treatment. Smith, later on, killed Derrick Robbie, a little 4-year-old child. It was not just any kind of murder, it was an act of a monster that Eric Smith turned out to be. He beat Derrick with large rocks on the head and sodomized his body with a stick.

After the authorities convicted him of this murder and asked about his motive, Eric didn’t give any definitive answer. His psychiatrist diagnosed him with intermittent explosive disorder, which doesn’t let a person control the inner rage.

Smith’s sentence came in when he was already an adult and sent him to prison, where he is still locked now. His parole was denied 5 times and one of them was in the recent years.

9Joshua Phillips

March 17, 1984

When his mother started cleaning his room after Joshua went to school, she saw some weird objects that led her to a place where she found not more and not less than a body of an 8-year-old girl Maddie Clifton, who was their neighbor and went missing for 7 days before that. She was just as shocked as everyone because Joshua even participated in an intensive search of Maddie previously. Being only 14 at that time and able to hide such an enormous crime, while staying cold-hearted, made everyone question what he could do in the future if he wasn’t discovered.

Since he wasn’t yet 16, he couldn’t get a death penalty but was sentenced to a life in prison. According to this dangerous kid, he didn’t kill Maddie intentionally but decided to hide her because he was afraid of the consequences. However, nobody believed him and he never told the real reason why he killed her.

8George Stinney

October 10, 1929 – June 6, 1944

George was the youngest executed person in the United States back in the 20th century. He earned this punishment by killing two girls, Marry Emma Thames at the age of 8 and Betty Jane Binnicker, at the age of 11. He buried both of them in a ditch that was later discovered.

George confessed his crimes and said that he tried to have sex with Betty Jane but she was refusing, which is why he killed her and Mary Emma, who was her friend. There were many controversies regarding this case, which included racism, since the boy was black, along with the quick decision of sentencing him to death. However, this person surely went to history as one of the vilest dangerous kids.

7Lionel Tate

January 30, 1977

Kathleen Grossett-Tate, Lionel’s mother, was taking care of a little girl, Tiffany Eunick, who was a daughter of her friend. While she left the kids to play and watched TV in a different room, she heard some loud sounds but didn’t pay too much attention until Lionel, who was 14 at the time, came up to her and said that Tiffany wasn’t breathing.

Although Lionel said that the girl accidently hit her head while falling, the autopsy showed a completely different story. Accordingly, her liver was very damaged after he beat her, two ribs and her skull were broken as well. Moreover, Tiffany had 35 more injuries that this kid caused, which joins him to the group of very dangerous kids.

Lionel changed his testimony later and said that she fell down the stairs but nobody believed it. The judged sentenced him to a life in prison back in 2001 but his lawyer managed to get him released in 2004, after many mental tests.

Later on, he was involved in a robbery and illegal possession of different weapons. Along the violation of the trial period he received, those reasons sent him back to prison for another 30 years.

6Barry Dale Loukaitis

July 16, 1982

Darry Dale Loukatis, a 14-year-old boy committed a horrific triple suicide in February 2996 when he killed two students and one teacher in a killing spree that occurred at the Frontier Middle School. He also injured several students and left them with serious consequences. He had messianic and delusional thoughts and ended dressing up as Wild West’s gunslinger, armed with a .25 caliber pistol, .357 caliber pistol and .30-30 caliber rifle that he took from his father.

Barry wasn’t just any kind of killer, he goes as one of the most dangerous kids because he was so determined to follow his vile instincts that he retained the students and threatened to kill more of them. Luckily, a gym assistant found a way to trick the boy and get him arrested afterward.

There was no doubt about he was guilty so the judge sentenced him to 205 years in prison.

5Craig Price

August 30, 1970

What Craig Price did went beyond a murder. He killed Joan Heaton at the age of 39, and her daughters Jennifer at the age of 10 and Melissa, who was only 8. He stabbed them brutally and monstrously, to the point of even breaking the knife and leaving it in Melissa’s neck.

Since this major attack had to leave some injury to the murderer, police detected Craig because of the bandages he had over his hand. Although he denied at first, he ended up admitting his crime. Not only that, he even confessed to killing another person two years earlier. The victim also lived in the neighborhood. The trial happened before he turned 16 and he is still imprisoned.

4Graham Young

April 6, 1949

Graham went in the history as one of the dangerous kids with a strange way of experimenting with his victims – chemistry. He was fascinated with two things – the effects different substances had on the human body and well-known killers such as William Palmer, Dr. Hawley, and Adolf Hitler.

He started doing his own experiments when he was only 14 and tried them out on his family members by poisoning the food. They were all getting ill very often because of it and his stepmom died in 1962 because of the poisoning he caused.

The suspicions began when his teacher monitored him and found poison among his things, which is when he called the police. Young ended up in a mental hospital but he was still doing damage even in that institution by poisoning the staff and patients, of which he killed one.

After they released him from the hospital at the age of 23, he didn’t stop with his experiments and continue performing them on his co-workers. Finally, he was arrested again and died in prison because of the heart attack.

3Jesse Pomeroy


Jesse Pomeroy broke one record in the category of the dangerous kids, he was the youngest person convicted of the first-degree murder in the history of Massachusetts, where he was from. As only an 11-year-old child, he showed excessive cruelty against other kids. One time he kidnapped 7 kids and tortured them while keeping them tied. He was using knives to wound their legs and arms and nailed needles all over their bodies.

When people discovered this crime, they sent him to a reformatory and he stayed there less than he was supposed to. In fact, he went out only a year after.

However, his psychopathic instincts did not stop so he killed Katie Curran, a small, 10-year-old girl. It was only 3 years after he was released and that wasn’t the only victim they accused him of. Accordingly, he was responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy. He mutilated the victim’s body and threw it in the Dorchester Bay.

The judge gave him a life sentence and he passed away at the age of 72.

2Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

August 1982

The case of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson is surely one of the most famous murders in this category. They took a little 2-year-old boy, James Bulger, from the shopping mall while his mother wasn’t looking for a moment.

While walking for two miles, they beat and threw James around until getting him to the train rails. There, they put him in the middle and started throwing paint on his eyes and then rocks to his heat. Then they finished beating him with iron rod and sticks. They even stick one to his anus and left him mutilated on the middle of the train rails, covered with rocks.

James was still not dead at this point, but it wasn’t long until he passed away. After, his body got completely destroyed after the train passed over him.

1Mary Bell

May 26, 1957

Mary Bell takes the first place on the list of most dangerous kids in the history. It is because she showed the most psychopathic behavior on her victims. She killed Brian Howe who was only 4 and covered him with grass and a bunch of plucked plants. However, that wasn’t her first victim. She killed Marin Brown, a 3-years-old child only a few days before. Although she suffocated him to death, that wasn’t the only monstrous act she performed on the poor kid. Accordingly, she tore most of his hair off, mutilated his legs with a knife, along his genitals. In the end, she even wrote the letter ‘’M’’ on his stomach with a knife.

They discovered her afterward and she revealed herself by telling too many details about one of the boys. Finally, they sent her to a reformatory when she was 11 but she only stayed there for 23 years. Later on, there are even reports of Mary Bell forming her own family. We don’t know if any of them could turn out to be the same as her.

list of Most Dangerous Kids In The World:

  1. Mary Bell
  2. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson
  3. Jesse Pomeroy
  4. Graham Young
  5. Craig Price
  6. Barry Dale Loukaitis
  7. Lionel Tate
  8. George Stinney
  9. Joshua Phillips
  10. Eric Smith


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