Most Dangerous Roads In The World


Roads are considered as a means of safety move to people and goods but that is not always the case. Some roads are remote, winding, narrow and not finished or constructed well. There are many of these everywhere but some are more dangerous than others, that’s why we listed them to most dangerous roads in the world. Although most of the people are scared of these routes, some even enjoy passing through the most dangerous places.

The most dangerous roads in the world

7Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

It is the only road to access the small Village of Guoliang in China. This tunnel was built in 1977, before that, the villagers had to steep narrow stairs carved into the mountainside.

For years the citizens of Guoliang have struggled for an easy connection with the world, and after the decision of the Chinese government to not proceed with the construction of Guoliang Tunnel Road, The villagers have decided to take the task by themselves. So, it was dug by the unprofessional citizens of Guoliang village across the side of Taihang Mountains for about 1 km.
In many spots of the tunnel, nothing but some roughly carved pillars keep the drivers –even the most experienced & confident- away from plunging to their fate!
Guoliang fascinating road is such a scary and dangerous, but also an attraction to visitors and tourists because of its gorgeous view. The road even was an inspiration to two other villages to build their tunnels roads themselves. They are just as dangerous.

6Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

Pakistan has a special varied geography that is why it has more than its fair share of the dangerous roads in the world, the most featured of them is the road to Fairy Meadows in the Nanga Parbat Mountains.

Fairy meadows, it is gorgeous grassland named by the German climbers, it is one of the base camps for climbers to reach Nanga Parbat summit. Actually, the road to access Fairy meadows is far dangerous than the climb up the mountain summit.

This road has been built hundreds of years ago by the local unprofessional villagers. Since that old date of its construction, it has not undergone any reform. It is carved right out of the mountainside, it consists of nothing but rubble and rocks with no safety rails at all, the road width fits for one vehicle only at a time.

Due to the constant risks of snow and landslides in winter months, the road gets closed, but during the rest of the year, the risk is still there. The journey requires the brave confident climber to attempt.

5Dalton Highway, Alaska

It is the road to the Arctic Ocean and one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It exceeds 400-mile (666 km), and it actually cut off some of the most uncomfortable environments on earth!

The James W. Dalton Highway road begins at the Elliott Highway and ends at Deadhorse. In 1974 this road was built as a supply road for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and runs alongside the pipe, as Deadhorse is the destination for almost all activities of the oil drilling fields. 2 million barrels of oil was being pumped by the Pipeline daily at its height.

At Deadhorse, the seasonal population reaches up to 5000 people, other than the fuel stop, there are no other towns along the entire road. Thus, the road share of traffic is fairly high, a daily journey by 150 to 250 speeding trucks on the most remote way in the world.

Regardless avalanches and the steep grades which the road is recognized with, there are those speeding trucks with their own rules; the truckers needs come first. It is something like “America’s Toughest Jobs.” and “Ice Road Truckers”
Bringing a survival gear is highly recommended if decided to visit this highway! And hey, beware of Polar Bears!

4Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

Mountains, narrow, winding, not finished or having safety barriers are the most common features of the considered dangerous roads.  But, Commonwealth Avenue road is an exception to the common rule.

Commonwealth Avenue is a major well-constructed road. It is 12.4 km (7.7 mi) highway and spans from 6 to 18 lanes. It is the widest in the Philippines.

However, a yearly record of about 7000 deaths is reported on the Commonwealth Avenue road. This highway is linked to the major highways to the rest of the country and it is used daily by thousands of people. A wide range of intersections is connected to it.

The journey is fraught with danger with such huge volumes of traffic that duplicate the risk. The extra risk might be brought up in the rainy seasons.

3Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Although the governments that built this road called it the ‘’Friendship Highway’’, it didn’t really turn out to be that friendly. In fact, it is a highly dangerous and one of the top 7 dangerous roads in the world. It serves to connect Pakistan and China through the Karakoram mountain range. With the height of 4,693 meters, even looking down while being on this route is scary, not to mention the whole traveling procedure. What makes Karakoram Highway even worse are many landslides and floods that occur frequently and cause a lot of accidents. Although it is very dangerous, as seen from all the above, this highway is a touristic attraction. People from all over the world come to see this scary road and even enjoy feeling endangered.

2Jalalabad–Kabul Road, Afghanistan

There are many dangerous roads in the world and opinions are not always the same about which one is the most dangerous. However, this 65-kilometer long highway that stretches from Jalalabad to Kabul is certainly one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The route is rounded and ‘’snakey’’, circling around the Taliban territory. However, that’s not the most dangerous factor nor the only thing that makes it so dangerous. The combination of the winding, narrow lanes that go up to 600 meters is what causes so many accidents and deaths here. One of the most recent crashes occurred in October 2016 when 2 people were killed and 19 ended up injured.

1North Yungas Road, Bolivia

The fact that the second name of this road is the ‘’Road of Death’’, says enough about its reputation. It is located Bolivia’s region Yungas and might be one of the things that make this country famous. The Inter-American Development Bank listed the North Yungas Road as the most dangerous road in the world and so do we, it is the first on the most dangerous roads in the world list.

Approximately 200 to 300 people die yearly along this road. While traveling, the brave individuals who still dare to pass this experience can see the cross markings on every few meters. They mark the places where other vehicles crushed or fell. The busses and trucks that passing this route regularly tumble to the valley bellow. It happens even more when two vehicles try to pass each other. It is a very tight road so whoever wants to use it, despite the deaths and accidents that occurred here, should pray beforehand and hope for the safe arrival.

List Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

  1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia
  2. Jalalabad–Kabul Road, Afghanistan
  3. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan
  4. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines
  5. Dalton Highway, Alaska
  6. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan
  7. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


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