The Most Dangerous Serial Killers In The World


You probably heard of at least one serial killer before and stayed in shock because of his/her crime. Just the thought of a psychopath enjoying the massacre is scary itself. Some people go in a history as saviors and philanthropists, others as serial killers.

Top 7 Most Dangerous Serial Killers:

7Aileen Lee Wuornos

The Prostitute Killer

This woman, since 1988, killed at least 7 of her clients while working as a prostitute, previously torturing each one of them. She stated that they deserved it and she did it in self-defense. At the trial, she claimed that at the time of the crimes she was working as a road prostitute and that all of her victims were men who picked her up and attacked her.

One way or another, Aileen showed no mercy towards them. She killed them and tortured them as a real psychopath. The number of times she did it make her a serial killer that is everything but reliable and innocent.

Aileen was executed on October 8, 2002, by a lethal injection.

6Jeffrey Dahmer

Milwaukee Cannibal

Jeffrey was born in 1960 and began his dazzling career as a serial killer when he was 18. Dahmer, compared to most serial killers, had a very normal childhood. He committed his first crime in 1978 when he sexually abused a 13-year-old boy. Dahmer was convicted but only held in prison for 10 months. Ten years later began a series of unpleasant and violent murders; Inviting his victims to his house, after picking them up in a gay bar, drugged them, strangled them and then had sex with them. Furthermore, he mutilated each one of his victims and kept the heads or other body parts in his refrigerator as food and trophies. Finally, one potential victim escaped alive, went to the police and revealed the secret of this cannibal.

A half-dismembered corpse, the jars of formaldehyde and a head in the freezer condemned the terrible Milwaukee killer to 900 years in prison. He was sentenced for over 17 murders of young men. But in 1994, he was executed by another prisoner on 28 November 1994.

5Ted Bundy

Killer on the Road

Ted was born in 1946, as the son of a young single girl who rejected him during the first years of his life, representing him as a brother. He grew up in grandfather’s house, who was a violent man abusing his wife. His early childhood affected his later behavior significantly by making him a shy introvert who started to isolate himself. The first noticeable aggressive behavior started to reflect on the animals that he would mutilate when he would catch them.

The first of his murders took place in Washington in 1974, when he attacks a woman in her sleep, hitting her with a bar iron. Barely a month later, he killed a young girl on the same university campus. He took her body away but left the room full of blood.

The ritual

All of Ted Bundy’s crimes had the same ritual: He followed the young victim through the streets, then strangled her and beat her in her own house. Sometimes he kidnapped her and took her to a more private place. Once she was dead, he would sodomize her with the limb or an object she had at hand, while biting her all over her body. He had a special attachment for murdering young women with dark, long hair who reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, who had rejected him a few years back. Some also relate it to his mother and even Ted himself said it once.

The police arrested him spontaneously but he escaped the prison 2 times. Finally, an officer caught him driving a stolen car and brought him back behind the bars.

With a personality of schizophrenic, he never felt any regret. Ted was executed on January 24, 1989, after confessing over 29 murders. The actual estimated number goes up to 100. His last words were “Give my love to my family and friends”.

4John Wayne Gacy

Pogo the Clown

John Wayne Gacy was an American serial killer who sexually abused and killed 33 young men. He was considered an exemplary citizen, was a clown in his free time and performed for orphaned children. What nobody could have guessed is that he was a real psychopath who kidnapped his victims, sodomized and murdered them

On December 22, 1978, Gacy went to his lawyers and confessed his crimes. He claimed to have murdered for the first time in January 1972. He also confessed to killing 33 individuals and indicating the location of 28 of the bodies to the police. They were buried on his property. The other 5 victims, he said, were into the nearby Des Plaines River. The youngest individual was only 9 years old and the oldest was about 20. 8 of the victims were so disfigured by this psychopath that they were never identified.

According to the reports, Gacy did not express any remorse. He said that his death would not bring back any of the victims back. His last words say enough about the way he felt about it: “Kiss my ass. You will never find the others’’. The murderer was convicted and sentenced to 21 life terms and 12 death sentences, was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

3Aleksandr Pichushkin

The Chessboard Killer

Aleksandr Pichushkin is a Russian serial killer born on 9 April 1974. He got The Chessboard Killer nickname he wanted his murders to match the number of squares on a chessboard, which is 64. That’s not the only nickname this psychopath has. The Bitsa Park Maniac is another one because he killed many people around the Moscow’s Bitsa Park.

He was accused of killing 49 people, but he claimed to have killed 61, after his arrest. Pichushkin began killing in 1992. His first victim was a co-worker who refused to help him in his murders. After this, he dedicated himself to killing his victims with hammers. He invited them for a drink and then to his house to kill them, where he would disfigure them with his deadly tool. When he was arrested, the police found a chessboard on a table where he was covering the squares with chips as he killed his victims. Aleksandr was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

2Andrei Chikatilo

Butcher of Rostov

Andrei was not just a serial killer with several victims. He is the most dangerous killer of the Soviet Union ever and one of the most dangerous in the world. The number of his victims crosses 52. His victims were innocent women and children that he practiced his sadism on. All these crimes occurred from1978 to 1990. Just like most of the psychopaths, he wasn’t really social as a kid and was abused during his adolescence.

The first murder happened when he was 42 years old. The unfortunate child was only 9 and Andrei ended her life in the worst way possible. He raped her subsequently and killed her after. Only 3 years after the terrific first murder, he killed two women in the forest in a very sadistic and violent way. He even ripped some of them into parts and threw them around.

Finally, the authorities came for this killer and arrested him in 1990. He was sentenced to death on October 15, 1882, and was killed on February 1994 at the Rostov jail.

1 Harold Frederick Shipman

Doctor Death

Harold Frederick Shipman, better known as the Doctor of Death, was a British physician accused of murdering more than 200 of his patients. Since he was a kid, his mother protected him too much and made a clear difference between him and his siblings. The high expectations and the benefits he received lead to him becoming a self-control freak. After he saw a doctor injecting morphine to his mother who died soon after, the power of this medicine attracted him.

It began with its atrocious massacre in 1970, murdering patients in police custody during their prison service. However, his serial killer career did not take off until 1992, when Shipman opened a practice in Hyde where he worked as a family doctor, attended more than 3000 patients and led many of them to eternal sleep.  He killed his victims by causing them to overdose morphine. The jury sentenced him to 15 consecutive life sentences. He didn’t wait for too long until hanging himself in a cell in 2004. The number of murders makes him the worst and most dangerous serial killer in the modern history.

List of The Most Dangerous Serial Killers In The World:

  1. Harold Frederick Shipman
  2. Andrei Chikatilo
  3. Aleksandr Pichushkin
  4. John Wayne Gacy
  5. Ted Bundy
  6. Jeffrey Dahmer
  7. Aileen Lee Wuornos


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