Most Expensive Houses In The World 2017


When we speak of houses, we usually imagine a regular house of one or two floors that we can settle in. However, it is not like that for everyone. Imagine if you had an expensive house that would put you on the list as one of the owners of the most expensive houses in the world. The luxury within these properties is something that you cannot experience anywhere else. If you are thinking that their prices range around few millions then you are wrong.

Now, let’s see what are the 10 most expensive houses in the world:

10Bran Castle

The tenth most expensive house in the world is Bran Castle. Yes, that is, the very castle of Dracula. The Von Habsburg family, the present owners, do not really benefit so much from the fact that this castle is known as the residence of the prince of the darkness, Dracula. It is fun to visit but who would actually dare to live there? The place is enormous and looks just like in the movies. Actually, horror movies. However, that does not stop the adventurers from being interested into buying it and therefore, it is not cheap at all. To the Von Habsburg family, the present owners of the castle, it does not do him any good that Bram Stoker could think of transforming his humble abode into the house of the prince of darkness. s you will know is in Transylvania, Romania, and costs only € 127,000,000.

9Updown Court

Another expensive house that you cannot afford unless you’re really rich is the Updown Court. The ideal house to have guests since it has 103 rooms (there are much smaller hotels). In case it is not enough its owner, who wants to remain anonymous, you can stick a few walks through his humid garden of 230,000 m2. The price of this property is 131.000.000 €.

8Briar Patch

Briar Patch is a true ideal house that would take your breath away at the very entrance. It is a real oasis and spending time here is probably so good and comfortable that you wouldn’t even feel like going out. What do you need a reality for if you have a fairytale house? Its porch overlooks the lagoon Georgica Pond, a beautiful body of water attached to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a house immersed in a moving panorama, and it must be one of the reasons why it costs incredible € 141,000,000. It is located in East Hampton (USA).

7The Pinnacle

Edra and Tim Blixseth are the owners of this fantastic mountain mansion that they decided to transform into a meeting place for lovers (rich … very rich) of golf and skiing. It is actually a luxury ski lodge and seemingly, it was not enough for the owners to only enjoy this beauty. They decided to make a constant profit out of it! We can only assume how much they earn since their visitors are only billionaires looking for an enjoyable resort. Its price is 146,000,000 € and is located in Montana (USA).

6Franchuk Villa

The sixth most expensive house in the world is Franchuck Villa, located in Kensington, London. Movie theaters, anti-panic rooms, indoor swimming pool, saunas, and gym are some of the luxuries that this luxury property has. Besides, it has 10 magical bedrooms that make it an ideal place for anyone. Just imagine staying there for a holiday. Its owner, Elena Franchuck, is the founder of Anti-AIDS charity fund. Although she’s from Ukraine, this enormous, beautiful house made her stay in London and we cannot blame her for that at all. Do you even need to go out and enjoy? Finally, its price is estimated to € 152,000,000.

5 Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is one more expensive house that we cannot resist. Did you have an opportunity to see a place like this before? How amazing would it be to have a breakfast while watching the beautiful landscape that surrounds the house? It is located near San Simeon, California, in San Luis Obispo County on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. All things considered, this small paradise costs € 155,000,000.

4Fairfield Pond

Fairfield Pond got its name by Ira Rennert, its billionaire owner. If there is something that isn’t missing in this American mega-mansion are the bathrooms. We can say with complete confidence that with 39 bathrooms, their owners will not have toilet problems every morning. Considering that it has 29 bedrooms as well, we can conclude that this property either has frequent visitors, guests or the owners simply love having a lot of empty rooms. In addition, Fairfield Pond has a bowling alley, 2 tennis courts, and 3 swimming pools. Only the house has 6100 m2 and costs € 160,000,000.

3One Hyde Park

The third most expensive house in the world is One Hyde Park, The Penthouse. It is actually a whole block of apartments. This London building was sold to an anonymous without internal walls so that he could distribute the spaces according to his taste. Currently, 80 people work to clean and care for each of the square meters that make up this wonderful penthouse. It has its own gym, swimming pools, private spa, wine cellar, squash court, virtual golf course and much more. If any potential buyer wanted to buy one apartment of this complex, it would cost around € 80.000.000, while only a bedroom would cost € 10.000.000. When it comes to the whole property, its price is no more, no less than € 200,000,000.

2Villa Leopolda

The style of Vila Leopolda is typical of the Belle Époque and is located on the French Riviera. Accordingly, Alfred Hitchcock was attracted by this wonderful Mediterranean palace inside his film ‘Catch a Thief’. In addition, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan attended the legendary parties here that were made for VIPs only. It belonged to the creators of the FIAT brand, the Agnelli family. Today, it belongs to Lily Safra, the wife of Edmond Safra who got murdered. Although there were speculations of Lily selling it to Bill Gates in the past, nothing occurred and today it costs € 506,000,000.


The first most expensive house in the world is Antilia. Here we are talking about abominable numbers: € 1,000,000,000! It is a private residence in South Mumbai (India), belongs to the president of Reliance Industries and requires six hundred employees to maintain it. All the numbers regarding this luxury house are incredible and not many people in the world will even get to see something like this in their entire lives. It is a 570-foot tall skyscraper with 9 elevators, health spa, ballroom, Movie Theater, swimming pools, dance studios, yoga studios and ice cream room, beside other features. Finally, the 45 floors of this house that is more like a modern castle make it the most luxury place to live in the world that only a few can afford.

List of Most Expensive Houses In The World 2017

  1. Antilia
  2. Villa Leopolda
  3. One Hyde Park
  4. Fairfield Pond
  5. Hearst Castle
  6. Franchuk Villa
  7. The Pinnacle
  8. Briar Patch
  9. Updown Court
  10. Bran Castle


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