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The eternal fear of haunted places and paranormal activities gets its culmination at any of the famous haunted places in the world. It is an undeniable fact that they exist as many witnesses reported different activities from the same places. Therefore, here is the list of the top 10 haunted places in the world:

10.  Taira no Masakado Tomb, Japan

This tomb was demolished in 1923 in order to the Ministry of Finance to be built. That is exactly when the mishaps started happening. So many accidents and different, scary events, started to scare everyone. The mishaps escalated when all the fourteen finance ministers who supported the demolishing decision died during the construction under mysterious circumstances when the building caught fire. At that point, nobody wanted to risk anymore and the original mausoleum was rebuilt. Toda, banks and corporations donate money to support the memorial site of Taira no Masakado, solemn acts are organized with prayers on the first and fifteenth days of each month. In general, media, politicians, and entrepreneurs refer to the place and to Taira no Masakado with respect.

9.   Santiago de Compostela, Spain

One of the twelve Christ’s followers, Santiago, walked through this place. The famous knight Santiago Matamoro, Moors’ killer, drags hundreds of thousands in processions that are carried out to date as well. The ghost of the first has never been seen, but the one of the second yes, riding on a white horse. People described these experiences as the scariest things they have faced. The reports of souls accompanying the faithful in the procession have spread everywhere and that is how this place became one of the most famous haunted places in the world. Furthermore, Santiago de Compostela is an energetic center for the New Age adherents and one of the most recognized places in the World by its spiritual ‘vibe’.

8.   Chicago Cemeteries, United States

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicago is famous by over 100 reports of paranormal activities. People have seen ghost victims of twenties gangsters, women, ghost lights, two-headed men, and spectral cars. Also, the pantheons of Evergreen, Graceland, Holy Sepulcher, Jewish Waldheim, Mount Carmel, Resurrection, and White have their own stories. People are scared to visit the cemeteries in this city even by day as a cause of the scary stories.

It is no secret that a pantheon is an epicenter of paranormal activity. Furthermore, the city of Chicago is the mecca of haunted cemeteries thus it has more spirited skulls than any other place in the world.

7.   Falkenstein Castle, Germany

The Von Asseburg family bought this castle in the middle of the fifteenth century and still owns the property. The quarter of the castle was closed for centuries, until 1839. When the workers finally opened it, they were shocked by the skeleton of a woman found inside. It was and still is a complete mystery how the skeleton appeared there, hence the place was locked for so long. They closed it immediately after that. Furthermore, the American soldiers burst into it at the end of World War II burst and found a butcher’s knife hanging from a chain on the roof. It was a new mystery, identical to the previous case. Nobody understands how did this happen again if the castle was closed for centuries.

This place is currently a museum and one of the known haunted places in the world as the result of many strange testimonials mentioned above.

6.   Hampton Court Palace, London, Great Britain

King Henry VIII built the Hampton Court Palace around 1514-1528. He used to accuse his wives of adultery and execute them, after which he would move into their rooms. People say that some of these dead wives still walk through the Hampton Court, which is open to the public since 1838. According to the witnesses, it feels creepy to even visit this place because somehow it feels like you are not alone. However, that is not the only thing that makes this castle one of the scariest places in the world.

According to the people who investigated Hampton Court Palace in details, every 40 years a child is thrown into the lake that lies inside the property to drown. The evidence lies in two cases from 1887 and 1927. It didn’t happen in 1967 because, by a miracle, the child was saved before dying. the child who was thrown in 1967 was saved before he died.

Queen Elizabeth I and Princess Federica of Hanover are only some of the famous names with personal, shocking experiences from this place.

5.   Vale do Anhangabau, Brazil

The name of the area means the ‘Valley of the spirits’. Two amazing stories come from this place. In 1999, inhabitants kept hearing ghostly voices and footsteps and received insistent phone calls. Since it happened to more than one or two families, everyone started to consider this area as haunted. The second phenomena happened in 1959 in the famous Poltergeist of Sao Paolo. The rain of stones struck a family for that inhabited the Hacienda Ulhoa for 48 hours. Nobody knew how did this happen. The rain extended for 40 days and only this event would be enough for the scary books.

4.   Chingle Hall, Goosnargh, Great Britain

Adam de Singleton built the Chingle Hall in the shape of a cross back in 1260. It has countless passages and secret rooms. Presumably, this house served for long as a place for tortures and murders. Today, according to the witnesses and explorers, there are exactly 21 ghosts inside. Some of them are monks and there is a woman of ”terrible appearance” that leaves the scariest impression to the witnesses at any rate. Even entering this property gives chills and only the bravest ones dare to visit it. In case you consider yourself one, you should go as well.

Moreover, people have recorded and presented many photographs, audio, and video files that confirm the existence of these ghosts. Side by side to Borley Rectory, the Chingle Hall is considered as the most haunted house in England. Current owners, the Kirkham family, allow visits from April to October. In addition, the guests can even stay overnight (by appointment).

3.   Transylvania, Romania

There are two famous sites in the area of Transylvania: Corvin castle and Bontida castle. The Corvin castle is a home of the spirits of Turkish prisoners. They were forced to dig with their own hands and therefore, were tortured. Another spirit walking down the halls of this castle is a lady in white. Apparently, she is a noblewoman. Her husband killed her with an iron stake and as it can be seen, her spirit got stuck in here.

Now, whoever heard of Transylvania, heard of the bloodthirsty vampire Prince Vlad Tepes – Dracula. According to some Romanians, his spirit is still in this region and the lovers of mystery should certainly visit it.

At this point, we can conclude that Transylvania is synonymous with everything phantasmagoric and one of the famous haunted places in the world.

2.   Tower of London, London, Great Britain

Many thousands of people died in this British prison and execution center. Whenever we hear that a massacre happened somewhere, we cannot avoid getting scared and it’s for a reason.

Accordingly, the Tower of London is a home to many famous spirits, such as Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII and Jane Gray, who was Queen of England for nine days. This place was and still is a grand phenomenon. Among many ghosts wandering down the tower, the first one is very old and dates from 1241. Many strange events occurred here. Moreover, the witnesses reported figures carrying decapitated bodies, headless specters and to supernatural funeral processions. It is described as one of the most terrifying places in England as well. However, no tourist guide from the Tower of London mentions anything about ghosts. Apparently, bad things would happen if they mentioned it.

1.   Borley Rectory, Essex, Great Britain

Borley Rectory, as mentioned above, is one of the scariest places in England and perhaps in the world. It has 23 bedrooms and back in the days, the residence of the Rev. Henry Bull and his family, consisting of his wife and fourteen children.

Presumably, the curse dates from the very beginning since it’s built on the ruins of Benedictine monastery. According to the legend, one of the monks fled with a nun and they were punished after being caught together. As the result of their acts, the nun was encapsulated on the walls of this property, alive. Furthermore, the monk was hanged and the driver was beheaded. In fact, over two thousand paranormal activities have been reported from this place after. Therefore, it is one of the most famous haunted places in the world.

List Of Most Haunted Places In The World

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex, Great Britain
  2. Tower of London, London, Great Britain
  3. Transylvania, Romania
  4. Chingle Hall, Goosnargh, Great Britain
  5. Vale do Anhangabau, Brazil
  6. Hampton Court Palace, London, Great Britain
  7. Falkenstein Castle, Germany
  8. Chicago Cemeteries, United States
  9. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  10. Taira no Masakado Tomb, Japan


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