Most Luxurious Prisons In The World


We know that prisons exist for all the convicts that need to endure the punishment for their past mistakes. The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of a prison is the cruelty and discomfort. However, being in a luxury prison can make this experience even enjoyable! How fair that is or isn’t is not really for us to judge. However, only the look at these innovative, amazing buildings makes us even want to be prisoners for a day.

10Penal Cordillera, Chile

Penal Cordillera in Chile was a complex of houses with swimming pools, private showers, and rotisseries. The former soldiers who were previously convicted of crimes against humanity, live here. Nevertheless, there were so many critics regarding this place that the ex-president Sebastian Piñera closed it on 29 of September of 2013. He transferred the 10 inmates that stayed there to the Penal of Punta Peuco. Although in the latter place the detainees also enjoy similar privileges.


9San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

In the Bolivian case, there were no luxuries but debauchery. The San Pedro prison closed last year after more than a century of operation. The reason was because the prisoners commanded more than the authorities. “Every service the person needs” was the motto of criminals to get cash in any way. Inside the largest jail in La Paz, and also the most famous in the country, they even rented the cells.

8Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

Not too far away, we can find Swedish prison of Sollentuna, located north of the capital Stockholm. It was opened in April 2011, and its entire surface can shelter a total number of 240 prisoners. With a fantastic decoration, the convicts have private bathrooms, weight room, a kitchen and common areas with sofas and televisions. That’s not all. Nothing less than 175 people work here and take care of the prisoners. They are in charge of their health care, cooking, and hygiene. Taking all of this into account, it seems like the people imprisoned here have better accommodation than many people outside do!

7HMP Addiewell Prison, Scotland

Another corner of the world that holds a luxury prison of the British Isles. The HMP Addiewell prison is located in the south of Scotland. It has the maximum security matters and is managed by the private company Sodexo Justice Services. They are responsible for rehabilitating the payroll of 796 prisoners (all men) instead of just keeping them locked up. Every prisoner gets up to 40 hours of activity per week, which they can use to learn and educate themselves even more than they did outside. The owners believe that this luxury prison will even help them with their criminal past and make them want to restart their lives once they’re out. HMP Addie well began to work in 2008, and apart from being extremely comfortable, it is mostly focused on the prisoners learning and developing their skills.

6San Antonio Prison, Venezuela

The San Antonio Prison has one more name – Criminal paradise in Latin America. It is the prison-resort of San Antonio, located on Margarita Island and where its dangerous inhabitants are self-governing in the midst of parties with strippers, swimming pools, pool games, cockfights, barbecues and naps in hammocks. In addition, convicts are allowed to use drugs so it’s very common to see them using marijuana, crack cocaine and other kinds of drugs. Despite the reasons that actually got them there, seems like they could not ask for anything else. This is not a luxury prison only by its comfort but the freedom that is surely the biggest wish of every prisoner.

5Federal Correctional Complex, Butner – USA

The United States also has a number of these dream places within its penitentiary system, and one such example is the Federal Correctional Complex in the state of North Carolina. Being a minimum security detention center, there are almost no guards along its quiet aisles. One of its 3,400 most illustrious inhabitants is financier Bernard Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison in June 2009 for committing a fraud under the pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme that totaled 50 billion dollars.

4Pondok Bambu, Indonesia

Controversial and luxury prisons do not exist exclusively in the Western world. Pondok Bambu is women’s prison located in Jakarta, Indonesian’s capital. The comfort inside this building contrasts completely the image of the poor country. They have air conditioning, refrigerator, karaoke machine, double bed, and flat screen TV. That’s not all because they even have the laser facial beauty treatments available to these prisoners. Perhaps this lifestyle can even change some of the women here who maybe didn’t even get to experience some of these things while being free.

3Otago Prison, New Zealand

Now, moving to another side of the globe is the Otago prison, located near the New Zealand city of Milton. It is an extremely luxury prison and that is not unknown at all. Many people even call it ‘’Milton Hilton’’ because of the comfort and luxury the prisoners can experience inside. It has 335 beds, library, gym and TVs in common areas. The inmates have their own television in their cell. The system of this prison teaches the convicts engineering, electricity, agriculture, livestock, and cooking.

2Justice Center Leoben, Austria

One of the most “beautiful” prisons on the planet is the Leoben Justice Center in Austria. Justice Center Leoben exists from 2005/ It is a glass building with stainless steel finishes. Assailants are the most common inhabitants here and it is safe to say that they can enjoy the comfort of this building. The place has a full gym and a basketball court, as well as other activities such as ping-pong. The cells, which are individual, have balcony, television, upholstered furniture and desks, and some even have large windows through which sunlight penetrates.

1Bastoy Prison, Norway

The Norwegian island of Bastoy houses the first “ecological prison” on Earth, in which detainees paradoxically live in almost total freedom. This “jail” was founded in 1982 and is more like a summer campsite where the 115 criminals who inhabit it have the keys to their small wooden houses. The fact that there is no armed guard contributes to the whole concept of this prison being completely homely-like. Prisoners, who can be transferred there after completing most of their sentence in another detention center, are dedicated to the animal care on the farm and growing vegetables and fruits. There are many entertainment activities in this luxury prison, such as soccer, basketball, and tennis. Each one of these sports has their own courts and there are also saunas for the prisoners.

 list of Most Luxurious Prisons In The World

  1. Bastoy Prison, Norway
  2. Justice Center Leoben, Austria
  3. Otago Prison, New Zealand
  4. Pondok Bambu, Indonesia
  5. Federal Correctional Complex, Butner – USA
  6. San Antonio Prison, Venezuela
  7. HMP Addiewell Prison, Scotland
  8. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden
  9. San Pedro Prison, Bolivia
  10. Penal Cordillera, Chile


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