Mixed Animal Breeds


As the world keeps changing and developing in every possible way, we have a lot of new things to admire. Mixed animal breeds are one of them. Seems like the breeds we already have were not enough so we had to create new hybrids. Although it is very interesting to see, we cannot help but fear if one day it could turn out to be dangerous. We have all watched at least one movie of a hybrid monster killing people. But as long as we keep everything under control, we can only love these new breeds. They are truly amazing and it is very exciting to see them and acknowledge their existence.

Mixed animal breeds:

9Liger (Male Lion & Female Tiger)

Rumors say that the ligers exist in the wild as well but none of them is confirmed. As far as we all know, the only existing Ligers are in captivity. This is where they are bred. It is an enormous cat, the biggest in the world. While looking at a liger, we can see parts of a lion and parts of a tiger, which is truly amazing. The typical tiger lines fade a little bit and then show more at other parts of the body. Hercules is the largest non-obese liger and the largest living cat in the world. He weighs over 904 lb (410 kg). If you were amazed imagining yourself next to a lion or a tiger, imagine how you would feel next to mixture of these two.

8Tigon (Male Tiger & Female Lion)

You could say that tigon is basically the same as liger but there are quite a few differences. Tigons have more hair which reminds more of a lion and that makes us wonder whose genes are actually stronger? What is very interesting about tigon (and liger) is that they reproduce. That being said, it is possible that in a few decades they will be a whole new animal breed. For now, they belong to the mixed animal breeds but that surely will change. If you haven’t had enough of Lions and Tigers beauty, you will have completely new animals to love!

7Zonkey (Zebra & Donkey)

Zebra and donkey always seemed to have something in common and now they officially do. They both belong to the horse family so they have a lot of similarities in appearance and organism. Zonkey is one of the mixed animal breeds that looks very interesting and cute since it’s not too massive. They can actually adapt to the wild because both donkey and zebra were found close to one another in Africa. Today they are found in zoos with only a few unconfirmed reports of zonkeys in the wild. We can expect to see them running free through the fields of Africa in the future but for now, we can enjoy this mixture in captivity.

6Jaglion (Male Jaguar & Female Lion)

Now, when talking about mixed animal breeds, this is one of the most stunning ones. Until we officially saw a real jaglion, we could only imagine or Photoshop something like this. They are around 3.5 meters long, which is truly scary. This breed is very rare and truly beautiful. The dark color, specific Jaguar lines and a wild look of this animal make us only wonder if we will be having more of jaglion in the future.

5Geep (Goat & Sheep)

This mixture doesn’t look and isn’t scary but surely seems very cute and even cuddly! Goat and sheep belong to different genera so the combination of these two is not as simple as it seems. The first geep case appeared in 2000. Since then, people have explored how and when these two animals can mate and found some interesting information that may help them in the future. It is a very rare animal as well.

4Grolar Bear (Polar Bear & Brown Bear)

These two species often come across each other in the wild but they mostly try to keep the distance anyway. So far, there have been 3 confirmed cases of grolar bears in the wild. Of course, they are more available in the zoos. The color of these bears varies from more white to browner available or simply a brighter brown. It is an alternative of both of these bears and it is very rare! Although one of these bears apparently was seen back in 1864, the first official one was shot and discovered back in 2006. It was a real surprise to the hunter and scientist who analyzed its DNA deeply and confirmed that it was a Grolar Bear.

3Coywolf (Coyote & Wolf)

The combination of these two breeds is quite recent (6,000 – 117,000 years ago). One of the scientific centers observed the coywolf pups from their very birth and reported some interesting information. Apparently, they are much larger than original animals and have characteristics that belong to both of these. The howls of the wolf with a much deeper tone and high pitched yipping of a coyote. It is one of the mixed animal breeds that can surely be found in the wild.

2Zebroid (Zebra & Any Other Equine)

Zebra is once again included in mixed animal breeds. This time it is not inclusively with a donkey but any other equine, such as a horse. Zebroids can be more massive or smaller than zebras, it is not always the same. They more aggressive than horses or similar animals. Seeing a big horse with zebra stripes is really refreshing and interesting because we don’t have an opportunity to witness that often. In fact, zedroids do not look always the same and can have several colors and other features all over their bodies. Since they belong to the same family, we cannot say that this mixture is unexpected but the results are very impressive.

1Beefalo (Buffalo & Cow)

If Buffalo or Cow separately didn’t seem enough scary to you, you can try with Beefalo! It is also one of the mixed breed animals that appeared before, precisely in 1880. Expectedly, they are bigger than a cow and have some characteristics of a buffalo. What is good about them is that they do very little ecological damage and are heartier than cattle.

List of Mixed Animal Breeds:

  1. Beefalo (Buffalo & Cow)
  2. Zebroid (Zebra & Any Other Equine)
  3. Coywolf (Coyote & Wolf)
  4. Grolar Bear (Polar Bear & Brown Bear)
  5. Geep (Goat & Sheep)
  6. Jaglion (Male Jaguar & Female Lion)
  7. Zonkey (Zebra & Donkey)
  8. Tigon (Male Tiger & Female Lion)
  9. Liger (Male Lion & Female Tiger)


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