Mysterious Alien Artifacts


You may or may not have thought about all the strange things that can be found on Earth. Now, have you thought of all the mysterious alien artifacts that people already found somewhere? They surely do seem scary and make us think of some other universe that may consist of things that we couldn’t even think about so far. We surely will be excited to discover any of these amazing pieces but for now, we can only explore what we found so far.

10 mysterious alien artifacts:

10Tooth wheel in Russian coal

A Russian man discovered a very rare a strange artifact in Vladivostok, the capital of Primorsky Krai. It looked like a tooth wheel piece embedded in a piece of charcoal. He was very curious as the object looked interesting and showed it to scientists that were intrigued by it as well. After going through many tests, they discovered that the piece was made of pure aluminum and is approximately 300 million years old.

Ever since that discovery, everyone who knew about the tooth wheel suspected that it was not coming from our planet hence humans could not produce and shape aluminum until 1825. It was an amazing piece of history right in the hands of an ordinary man and Russian scientists. They instantly thought of all the potential ways that this could have happened. Whether it was brought by an alien or did they just discover something very important about the past of our planet?

9Stone head of Guatemala

The explorers discovered a big sandstone statue in Guatemala back in the 1930s. It is a face statue that doesn’t recall Mayans or any other civilization from this area. In fact, the facial features of the statue don’t belong to any civilization in the history. What looks very interesting is the thin skull that researchers linked to the aliens immediately. It is unexplainable how people could invent and create something like that without seeing it first. This stone head gave us an idea of how could some alien species look like and left us wondering things that we may never find out.

8The Enigma of John J. Williams

A hiker, John J. Williams, discovered a very strange metallic protrusion back in 1998. It took his attention right away and he took it with himself. After cleaning, he noticed an electrical component built inside that looked exactly as an electrical outlet that we use every day. There is no any logical explanation how this could have happened. For that reason, the rock became a real sensation. What makes it even more amazing is the research that says that this stone is around 100,000 years old. That being said, it is obvious that humans could not create any electronic components at that time.

It is one more example that implies the advancement of aliens in comparison to us. Most of the discoveries show that their technology level is way ahead of ours and people who are in contact with them on Earth actually present these things to us afterward.

7Ancient airplanes

Pre-Columbian people and Incas left some very interesting, intriguing and mysterious things behind them. Among others that we are still exploring, the old planes are certainly the strangest. Although it was so many years ago, these figures made of gold look like modern jet planes that we have an opportunity to see now. At first, people linked and compared them to animals. However, after analyzing these pieces, it is clear that they look like jets because they have all the features such as aircraft wings with landing gear and tail stabilizers.

These figures brought many assumptions and even conclusions. Specialists speculated ever since then that Incas were in contact with aliens, who already built advanced jet planes that we couldn’t even think about at that time.

6The Al Ubaid Lizard Man

What seems the most mysterious and intriguing from the Al Ubaid objects are the figures that show a man looking a lot like a lizard (head) with poses that imply these were not Gods (like Egyptian figures) but actually a real race. They are over 7000 years old and date back from the Ubaidian culture. These figurines have a thin, long head, almond-shaped eyes and a nose that looks a lot like lizard’s. The archaeologists stated that the postures of these figures, such as women holding their lizard looking babies, indicate that they represent a species, rather than a ritual. There are also figures of these wearing helmets and combating. What we are not certain about is whether people who made these figures thought of a creature that is more like a man or an alien. They certainly did not have time to make figures without any meaning.

We can also link it to snakes and we all know the snakes had a role in the ancient times. The Serpent symbol represents gods in different cultures. That makes us wonder whether there is something linking these lizards and the snakes? What did they know about them that we still cannot discover? The idea of lizard people walking around is truly terrifying as we tend to get scared of even the tiny lizards we have now.

5Fossil Meteorites of Sri Lanka

The meteorite that crashed in Sri Lanka brought something more than simple pieces of rock from the space. This discovery followed something extraordinary that amazed the scientists. Accordingly, it was no more and no less but made of real, existing aliens. The results of detailed tests showed that the pieces of this meteorite contain algae and fossils of extraterrestrial origin, without any doubt. The investigation went very far, more than they thought it would. Although the scientists are still trying to find out what exactly was it and how did it get there, they show it as a real proof or aliens’ existence. The fossil meteorites became one of the very important artifacts that are still a great mystery.

4Summer’s Triumph

The famous tapestry Summer Triumph is one of the things that clearly show UFO objects in the sky. It was established in Bruges, Belgium back in 1538 and is part of a Bayerisches National Museum now. People still go to see it and this brings a lot of questions to their minds. One of them is are these flying discs considered a divine intervention? If they are, why? Are the rulers from that time have some sort of collaboration with aliens that helped them through the reign?

3The Glorification of the Eucharist

Ventura Salimbeni, an Italian painter, painted one of the most mysterious altar paintings ever back in 16th century. It is made of three parts and scientists, researchers and mystery hunters are really intrigued by it for centuries now. The last two paintings are somewhat normal as they show religious authorities and an altar. What is mysterious is the third part, showing the Holy Trinity looking at them while holding strange objects that look like space satellites.

The object is enormous and spherical with telescopic antennas, metallic finish and strange lights. What’s more, it looks like a Sputnik satellite. It makes us wonder whether he knew something that we didn’t and still doesn’t and how did he relate the Holy Trinity with space satellites?

2Mayan Artifacts

Mexican government portrayed a series of Mayan artifacts in 2012 that were under the state’s protection for over 80 years. They were recovered from a pyramid that is still unexplored, found in yet another pyramid, Calakmul. It was the site of a very powerful ancient Mayan city. These artifacts look nothing like Earthlike and are almost a real proof that aliens do exist and were in communicating with these civilizations very often. The case is very attractive and the eyes of the world were very intrigued by it from the very beginning.

1The mysterious sphere of Betz

The Betz family discovered a silver sphere of about 20 centimeters in diameter. It was completely smooth with only one symbol of a triangle on it. At first, the family didn’t think that it was an alien related object so they kept it as a souvenir at their home.

However, strange things started happening two weeks after the discovery. Accordingly, while playing guitar, the son of the family saw that the ball started reacting to the music. It was emitting pulsing sounds that were really strange and the resonance disturbed their dog to the point it could not stay calm. That was only the beginning of strange events related to this sphere. Soon, it couldn’t stop and change the direction when someone would push it down to the floor and shortly after, it would come back to the person who pushed it. What they noticed about the sphere is its reaction to sunny days when it would be more active than usual. They linked this to the solar energy that probably had an effect on it. Occasionally, it would produce noise of low-frequency and vibrations that seemed as if a motor was running inside it.

The family reported this and the most prestigious newspapers such as London Daily and New York Times sent their people who witnessed these events. Everyone was impressed, including the military representatives.

At one point, the sphere started acting dangerously. The door would close and night and a strange music would play very loud at the house. To this day, it is not entirely clear what the mysterious sphere is. It is listed at the top of the mysterious alien artifacts as no one discovered anything similar before or after.

list of mysterious alien artifacts:

  1. The mysterious sphere of Betz
  2. Mayan Artifacts
  3. The Glorification of the Eucharist
  4. Summer’s Triumph
  5. Fossil Meteorites of Sri Lanka
  6. The Al Ubaid Lizard Man
  7. Ancient airplanes
  8. The Enigma of John J. Williams
  9. Stone head of Guatemala
  10. Tooth wheel in Russian coal


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