Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit


Traveling around the world is really exciting and you can see just so many places. However, there are some places you are not allowed to visit. There are many different reasons for it, some are explained and some aren’t. Mostly, they hide the most guarded secrets or information that the world might not be ready for. For this reason, the visits to these areas are strictly forbidden. We can only assume what’s hiding in there and hope that the truth and discoveries will come up sooner or later. Until then, we can read and write about them.

Places you are not allowed to visit:

10Bohemian Grove, California

Bohemian Club Dinner at Bohemian Grove Monte Rio, CA

This 2,700 acre (11 square km) rural estate is located in Monte Rio, California, established in 1878. You have probably heard about the Bohemian Club, which consists of the most powerful men in the world. They gather here during the ‘’camp’’ which lasts two to three weeks. What we know so far is that all the members of this club are men, most of them are musicians, politicians and other public figures, including US presidents. There are so many assumptions and mysteries regarding this place. In fact, there was a rumor that spiritual sacrifices happened in the Bohemian Grove back in the day.

For ordinary people, it is a forbidden place, unless you are a member or someone very close to a member. There are certain stages and achievements within this club, such as ‘’Old Guard’ status, after long 40 years of being a member. The fact itself that there is a status for a 40-year membership says enough about the force of this club. What exactly is inside and what operations occur within, we may never know. What we can do is hope for it to get revealed and get more information or even visit it someday.

9Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux is not just an ordinary cave, it is a cavities complex with valuable Paleolithic paintings that you can’t find anywhere else. They are more than 17,500 years old and a true diamond to us because it’s the only way to get a picture of the civilizations that lived so long ago. Unfortunately, it is one of the places you are not allowed to visit. The caves are closed for the conservation of cave paintings. As an alternative, you can visit a reproduction place that can only give you the idea of how the real one looks.

8Moscow Metro-2

The stories from the movies that include Russian secrets are not too far away from the truth. This country is full of them and so many mysterious places. The Moscow Metro-2 is an enormous secret underground transport system. It is constructed and runs parallel to the capital’s public metro network. Stalin built it during the World War ll and ever since then, this place was considered precious and secret. In fact, the Russian intelligence organization (KGB) called it in code. Even so many years after its establishment, Russians still didn’t confirm or deny its existence. We know you are curious to find out how it looks like but it is one of the places that you are not allowed to visit.

7Room 39, North Korea

North Korea has a secret house that belongs to the secret organization who seeks for different methods to earn money for Kim Jong-un. It was built in 1970 and played a role of so-called ‘’court economy’’ of North Korea. How serious this organization is, says the fact that it is believed to have around 20 bank accounts in China and Switzerland. Their purpose is to obtain foreign exchange and their ways are not always legal.

Not only that but it is linked to serious crimes such as drug trafficking and heavy weapons. This place is so secret and well hidden that nobody is really sure how to get there. The rumors say that the entrance could be in the Workers’ Party building located in Pyongyang. However, that is not a verified information. Seeing how this area functions could be very exciting but this is one of the places you are not allowed to visit.

6Mezhgorye, Russia

Mezhgorye is the largest nuclear missile base in Russia. It also confirms the statement from before that this country is full of mysteries. Two battalions of men with heavy weapons protect this area and hardly anyone can get close, let alone inside. From the available information, this place has automatic ballistic missiles. They can be activated remotely in case of nuclear attack. We all know how dangerous that. Thus, it is nearly impossible to destroy the Mezhgorye base without provoking a catastrophe of a nuclear conflict. The seriousness of this area and high-security matters make it one of the places you are not allowed to visit.

5Disney Club 33, California

It is all nice, fun and friendly for Disney until it comes to secrets. Nobody is allowed to enter this place, including the visitors and the staff. Only the exclusive members are allowed to enter and by exclusive, we mean very exclusive. US presidents, businessmen, managers, and Hollywood actors are mostly the range of members circling here. Unless you are any of these, Disney Club 33 is one more place you’re not allowed to visit.

4Area 51

You have or may not have heard of Area 51, the top secret space in the US. It is so well hidden that for so many years, nobody discovered its exact location, although people assume it’s in Nevada. It is a military base with important missions, investigation and airplane development occurring there. Everybody would like to know what exactly is hiding inside and what kind of experiments are hidden there. The US Government doesn’t recognize this territory and denies its existence in the country and the world. This statement made the whole mystery even more interesting because we all know it actually exists. People have linked Area 51 with secret investigations related to UFOs and aliens. In fact, it may be the major reason why the US government is refusing to reveal information about it.

3Google Data Center, South Carolina

Google’s power is very evident as it may be the most powerful website since it surely Is the most visited. YouTube, Google Play Store, AdSense, and Gmail are only some of the enormous platforms under Google’s domain. If someone had an access to the Google Data Center, that person could know anything they want, about anyone. For that reason, this area is highly secured and one of the places you are not allowed to visit. The fact that Barack Obama had meetings with Google representatives for 427 times says enough about the importance of this website. Just imagine that you could find information about every specific user and what they are doing on the Internet. It is basically knowing everything about that individual.

2Church of St. Mary of Zion, Ethiopia

Aksum in Ethiopia has one very important landmark – a Coptic Church with important objects from the Bible inside. The Ark of the Covenant found here was moved by the King Menelik I, who was the son of Solomon. All the Christians know the importance of this place and the objects so they would give anything to have an access to it. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to as this is one of the places you are not allowed to visit.

1 Pine Gap, Australia

Apart from many curiosities that Australia has, we can find an important satellite base here. It is just the same as Area 51 to the US. CIA and Australian Government run it and control the spy satellites that the United States sends through Asiatic Russia, China, and the Middle East. The central part of Australia was the best place for this satellite base exactly because of the location. Spy ships cannot intercept the signal because it’s far away from the sea. Pine Gap is a top secret base so it is not surprising we cannot visit it. It would be a great experience to see how it all functions down there. Taking into consideration how powerful forces run it, it may be a real futuristic world away from the public eye!

List of Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit:

  1. Pine Gap, Australia
  2. Church of St. Mary of Zion, Ethiopia
  3. Google Data Center, South Carolina
  4. Area 51
  5. Disney Club 33, California
  6. Mezhgorye, Russia
  7. Room 39, North Korea
  8. Moscow Metro-2
  9. Lascaux Caves, France
  10. Bohemian Grove, California



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