Theories That Prove Time Travel Exists


The question ‘’does the time travel exist?’’ has been around for just so long and we still cannot certainly say that it is or isn’t possible. What we always have when it comes to discoveries are the theories and evidence. When it comes to time travel, we have quite a few. Besides the suspicions and quotes of some masterminds, such as Albert Einstein, we have material that only time travel can explain.

We also have the Ooparts. They are basically the objects out of place since the word Oopart is the acronym for Out of Place Artifact. According to Wikipedia, this term refers to paleontological and archaeological objects that in appearance where it was believed impossible by its characteristics, whether due to its technological complexity, references to the current civilization, etc.

Time Travel Theories:

8The Bridge and a Modern Man

The following photograph is taken in the year 1940. The controversial thing about it is the bridge that the people is standing on. Accordingly, it is a newly constructed bridge so there is no other explanation than time traveling. Besides, one man on the picture does not seem to belong there. His clothes, glasses, and hair totally belong to the modern era, not 40’s. You can find this photograph on Canadian museum’s website.

7Mural Painting

The second theory that proves time travel is in Russia. It is specifically in a subway station in Moscow, which has impressive murals of paintings and you probably heard of it before. Well, the following painting is 90 years old. It is located in the station “Kievskaya” in which there are many mosaics about the Soviet era.

One of the men that appear in the image is very well equipped with 3 objects very technologically advanced. There are a mobile phone, a PDA, and a laptop. Taking into account that 90 years ago not only they didn’t have these gadgets but couldn’t even suppose they will have them in the future. There is no other theory that could justify this but either a contact with aliens or time travel.

6The Kingoodie Hammer

Kingoodie’s hammer is one of those supposed off-the-shelf objects, found embedded in a block of Cretaceous stone in the Mesozoic era. They say the stone in which the hammer was found is about 400 million years old. So if that were true, it places the hundreds of millions of years before the appearance of humankind on Earth. The only way this hammer could possibly get to exist is by time travel and people from the future going back to the past and leaving it there.

5Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are one more unresolved mystery, considered as a theory that proves time traveling. These are the models of the human skull carved in quartz crystal. Although there are skulls like these scattered throughout the world, the most famous of them is discovered by the British explorer Mitchell-Hedges found it in one of his expeditions in Lubaantun (Belize) in 1924.

This skull is dated to about 1,400 – 1,500 BC and is also carved from a single piece of quartz. According to the way they were carved, it took 150 to 300 years to reach that level of perfection. If the dates were correct, it is impossible to carve something like this without the necessary technology. Obviously, technology at that time was way behind the one we have today so there is this theory is one of the strongest regarding the time travel.

The curious thing about these skulls and their involvement and importance in today’s discoveries are the fact that there were many references in films and series regarding them. We can see them mentioned in Indiana Jones as the kingdom of the skull of glass. Other examples are the series Stargate SG-1. That is not all, they are even featured in video games, such as Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Halo 3 and others.

4Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map is of Ottoman origin. Piri Reis was the cartographer and admiral of Ottomans and the whole script and territories that he drew on it seem very mysterious and surprising. What adds this map to the list of time travel theories is that we can see the Antarctica represented in it. The fact that the map exists from 1513 and Antarctica was discovered in 1818 is the biggest curiosity about it. Not only it shows the area that was discovered hundreds of years after but explorers assume that Antarctica was not even covered with ice at that time. Scientists take it as a time travel proof and they never really found any other logical explanation of this.

3Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism was discovered back in 1900. It was 45 meters deep in the ruins of a cargo ship near the Greek island of Antikythera. This device dates from 150-100 BC and was embedded in a rock. This object turns out to be a system of differential gears. However, the extraordinary thing is that these systems were invented in XVI. There is a name for it, ‘’analog computer’’. What remains a mystery is how could this possibly exist so long ago, except due to time travel. The resemblance in years is obvious and nobody discovered yet how could an object with quite advanced system appear back 150-100 BC.


2Egyptian Magnifying Glass

According to the experts, the Egyptian magnifying glass found. This object is made of rock crystal and is believed to be used to observe the sky. That is something incredible because to get a lens of these characteristics, it is necessary to polish the crystal with cerium oxide that was not discovered until 1803. This magnifying glass is currently exposed in the British Museum. People that deeply believe in time travel visit it frequently and try to figure this mystery out.

1Swiss Watch

It’s a real mystery how a miniature watch shaped like a ring got into a Chinese tomb. The tomb was in Shangsi, southeast of China. It was not opened since the death of its occupant during the Emperor Ming’s dynasty between the 15th and 16th centuries. Therefore, it was closed for over 400 years. This little watch has ‘’made in Switzerland’’ written on the back. It even reminds of modern ring watches that we wear today.

List of Theories That Prove Time Travel Exists

  1. Swiss Watch
  2. Egyptian Magnifying Glass
  3. Antikythera Mechanism
  4. Piri Reis Map
  5. Crystal Skulls
  6. The Kingoodie Hammer
  7. Mural Painting
  8. The Bridge and a Modern Man



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