The Most Dangerous Serial Killers Who Are Free


We all know where the serial killers should be – either in prison or sentenced to death. However, that’s not the case with all of them. Some of the most dangerous murderers are still in freedom! If you were afraid walking down the dark streets at night, your fear is about to increase when you realize that a serial killer may be out there as well!

Top 7 Most Dangerous Serial Killers Who Are Free:

7Mary Bell

When she was only 11 years old, Mary Bell already had two victims that she killed in the most bizarre ways. She murdered them separately by strangling them and later mutilating them. One of them was completely deformed as she used the scissors all over his body. As stated, she committed these crimes solely out of pleasure and excitement of doing so. She did end locked up in 1968 but only stayed isolated for 12 years. At the age of 23, Mary Bell was a free person again with a new name and a new life.

It is hard to believe that someone who killed two kids at the age of 11 could ever be a normal and non-violent person. According to reports, Bell became a grandmother in 2009 as well. Thinking of this person forming a family and raising children is scary itself. Whether Mary is smarter now and knows how to hide her crimes or she is waiting for a moment to attack again, we are yet to see.

6Nikita Fouganthine

He wasn’t born by this name but only got it later as a serial killer. Born as Jua Veikko Valjakkala, this criminal made a triple murder back in 1988. Although he tried to escape, the police caught him and convicted of his crimes. Accordingly, Nikita received a life sentence but it didn’t take long until he escaped, in 1994. Shortly after, he started showing acting upon his psychopathic instincts and held a teacher as a hostage. Police caught him again but he kept escaping from the prison in 2002, then in 2004, then 2006 and the last time he escaped in 2011.

The police never arrested him again and he has been a fugitive for so many years now that he probably even disguised himself by now. Walking down the streets of Scandinavia and probably seeking for new excitements.

5Karla Homolka

What makes Karla a different serial killer is the fact that she didn’t do it alone. Instead, her husband was helping her in raping and murdering more than 3 women. One of the victim was Karla’s sister herself. Her husband was sort of obsessed with her so Karla would drug her sister and let Paul Bernardo, her husband, sexually abuse her. One time she went too far with OD on her sister and killed her like that.

They continued to find women, torture and kill them but kept getting away with it. Finally, the police caught them! It didn’t take her long to confess the crimes but she played an angel who was controlled and made to commit these crimes. According to her, Paul was mastermind that made all these plans and she was forced to obey. It seems that it paid off because her husband got a life sentence and Karla got 15 years instead. In 2005, she completed her sentence and came out of prison! Today she lives with her 3 kids and her husband.

4Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

Nikolai’s nickname, Metal Fang, which he got thanks to his metal, false teeth, made everyone hear about him at least once. Not only he killed approximately 7 women that we know of but the number is estimated to go up to 50. He even many of his victims. We heard of psychopaths doing this before but what we couldn’t imagine is that a person like that could be free one day! After the police caught him, he stayed in prison for only one year because of his schizophrenia.

However, he showed a killer always stays a killer because he murdered one of the guests at a party shortly after getting out. He did it in front of everyone present and showed how much he enjoys taking lives! Nikolai escaped that night but not for long, as the police caught him the next day. Even after this event, he only stayed in prison for 8 years due to his mental condition. Now, he is a free man! Living with the same rights and freedom as everyone else, as if he never did any of that.

3The Zodiac Killer

This is probably one of the most talked about serial killers as he loved getting attention and spreading his messages. Between the ‘60s and ‘70s, this man killed approximately 7 people around San Francisco and disappeared in such a way that nobody could ever find him. The only thing the police has is the portrait of a man who some witnesses saw leaving the crime scenes, nothing else.

The Zodiac Killer was one of the only serial killers who dared to speak publicly, well, somewhat. He wrote a letter to several newspapers and coded messages that were a real nightmare to the police. It started happening shortly after his first murder. A threat that he would kill 12 people if the newspaper doesn’t publish his letter was scary itself. His circle sign with a plus over it became a well-known symbol that characterizes this psychopath. One of his letters contained a message where he wrote his name in a code, consisting of 13 symbols and it was still not encoded to this day.

In the recent years, this serial killer started being popular again when someone stated that the Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz, famous politician and attorney. However, of course, it is not confirmed and is probably only one of many assumptions. Ted is not the first or last person they will link The Zodiac Killer to.

The most worrying part is that this murderer is still free. Going around and making a new plan of getting attention and showing off as one of the most dangerous criminals that police never caught.

2Arnfinn Nesset

Another one of the serial killers was born in Norway, on October 25, 1936. The case of this Scandinavian male nurse exploded globally when he got convicted of murdering 22 of his patient. He poisoned them with Curacit, a drug used to relax the muscles. People and staff of the Orkdal’s Geriatric Institution trusted him enough to make him a director and he used this position for other purposes – taking lives.

After being arrested, he was even showing off his murders and claimed to kill even more than 22 in his previous workplaces. However, he retracted these statements afterward but was convicted of 22, for 21 years of prison.

Arnfinn Nesset waited patiently and was released in 2004. He lives in an undisclosed location now and has a new name so if you expect to recognize him by that, don’t bother. Instead, try to stay safe.

1Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro will go in a history as the biggest serial killer ever. We witnessed many cases of murderers getting a death sentence and the worst one of them all is free, legally!

This psychopath’s strike stopped for a while when police imprisoned him after trying to kidnap a little girl. Pedro confessed killing more than 300 people in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. Most of them were young women and little girls. He admitted the murderers of approximately 100 victims in Colombia, 110 in Ecuador and over 100 in Peru. It was a hell for so many families that had this criminal living peacefully without showing any remorse. He shared with the authorities the locations of various victims and then was charged.

He didn’t even stop there but continued in prison. His cellmates sexually abused him so he killed them as well. The punishment finally came but lasted only for 14 years. Although sentenced to life in prison, Pedro finished in a psychiatric hospital and after 3 years was completely released! Now, he is probably somewhere in Columbia living like any other citizen. He was not an accidental murderer, he was and is a serial killer and those do not simply change and regret so people of Colombia and all the neighbor countries, be aware!

List Of  Most Dangerous Serial Killers Who Are Free:

  1. Pedro Alonso Lopez
  2. Arnfinn Nesset
  3. The Zodiac Killer
  4. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev
  5. Karla Homolka
  6. Nikita Fouganthine
  7. Mary Bell


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