The Weirdest Restaurants In The World


While some people like spending time in calm, classic restaurants, others prefer visiting the weirdest restaurants in the world. This way, they can see everything from a whole new perspective. Exotic places have always been popular but of course, they are not made for everyone. Only the real adventurists and people who appreciate out of the ordinary things know the real values of them. They surely know how to make memories and learn things through the most bizarre and fun things. If you consider yourself as one of them, prepare yourself for the list of the top weirdest restaurants in the world!

7Zen Cool (Beijing, China)

This restaurant is decorated to the last detail as if it was a real prison! It seems very thrilling to people who have never been to jail and the ones that spent years in it. It presents a great realism in its decoration with a large steel structure at the entrance and its interior doors and windows with steel bars and chains. The waiters are dressed as the prisoners and the security staff as the guardians. The food is served in the typical prison trays. It is an exciting place for all the adventurists wanting to try something unusual and it is certainly one of the weirdest restaurants in the world.

6Dinner in the Sky (Brussels, Belgium)

Although it is a Belgian company, they serve food from all over the world. However, that is not the key point of this restaurant. The most exciting part is that you get to experience a real binge suspended 50 meters above the sky by a crane. The idea is tempting indeed, except you are afraid of heights or you cannot afford it, hence the dinner for 8 people costs entire 8,000 Euros but for people that do not have to worry about the cost and are looking for something that will make their heart beat faster, this is an extraordinary choice!

5Dans Le Noir (Paris / Barcelona)

The weirdest thing about this restaurant and something that lists it to the weirdest restaurants in the world is that everything you eat and do is in the complete darkness! The reason is to boost the other senses so you will appreciate more the taste, smell and texture of the dishes. You are asked to leave your phone and watch at the entrance. Another curious fact is that all the waiters who work in the place are blind, since the restaurant was created with the aim of demonstrating that blind people can also work in the world of catering.

4Ithaa (Maldives Islands)

Located five meters below the sea level in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this exclusive property belonging to the Hilton hotel chain is the world’s first underwater restaurant and it surely is one of the weirdest restaurants in the world. Its facilities offer visitors the possibility of enjoying a panoramic view like they never had an opportunity to do before. For all the sea and nature lovers, it is an amazing experience! They get to see the underworld while having their favorite foods and drinks.

3The Marton (Taipei, China)

This restaurant is based on a toilet theme, which means that you can eat while making your needs. Instead of the tables and chairs, you can find sinks and toilets to enjoy a plate served in a cup of water. Have you ever experienced anything like that? – Probably not. It surely is unusual and probably not meant for everybody. For this reason, maybe The Marton is not an ideal place for a first date or anniversary celebration but it is for other, fun occasions. If that’s what you are looking for, you know where to go.

2Heart Attack Grill (Arizona, USA)

This restaurant is made for heart attacks, literally. If you love fast food, you can order a burger from this place with a slogan “a taste worth dying for”. Here, the waitresses dress like attractive nurses, which is a dream come true to many men. The hamburgers, called by-pass burgers contain up to 8000 calories! If you weigh over 150 kilograms, you get to eat for free. If you ask for a quadruple by-pass (with four hamburgers, among other things) and finish it, the waitresses will take you to your car in a wheelchair.

1Nyotaimori (Japan)

The name of this Japanese restaurant chain means ‘presentation on the body of a woman’ and that’s exactly what it is. The food gets served to the visitors on the naked body of a beautiful model. Apart from the strange purposes, it also has practical virtues. One of them is that the sushi and sashimi acquire a temperature level very similar to the temperature of the human body and that way, they are even more delicious. It must be said that there are three rules all the visitors must follow in order to stay in the restaurant:

  1. Treat the models well
  2. Do not talk to them, touch them or pinch them
  3. Do not issue inappropriate comments or gestures on them

As you could see, there are all kinds of restaurants that you could visit all over the world. Why spending time eating only when you can make an experience out of every meal? Although there are probably some unusual places nearby, you should visit the weirdest restaurants in the world. You surely will not regret after giving a closer look to all of these things. Lastly, you will have so many stories to share and most importantly – memories to keep!

List of  Weirdest Restaurants In The World

  1. Nyotaimori (Japan)
  2. Heart Attack Grill (Arizona, USA)
  3. The Marton (Taipei, China)
  4. Ithaa (Maldives Islands)
  5. Dans Le Noir (Paris / Barcelona)
  6. Dinner in the Sky (Brussels, Belgium)
  7. Zen Cool (Beijing, China)


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